Like I said, I don't claim to be a health and fitness expert.  These are just a few tips I have learned through my weightloss journey.  Please feel free to comment with any tips you may have.  I'm still learning and evolving, so I would appreciate any info that will help me learn and grow!

Strength Train
Do not be intimited by strength training! Many ladies are worried that lifting weights will cause them to get bulky. Typically you need to eat a very high protein diet and lift extremely heavy weights to get huge.  Even doing this will not give women those huge body builder muscles.  Most women don't have the hormones to get those kind of muscles.  Adding some weights will give you nice shape and definition!

Shock your Muscles
In order to tone up your muscles you need to shock the muscle with a weight it is not used to lifting. Ladies... lifting 5 pounds of weight for every exercise isn't going to do much good. You are already used to carrying around a 5+ pound purse, so your body will not be impressed! Make sure you try to up the weight you are lifting, but remember, if it feels too heavy, it probably is. :)

Control your Weights
Make sure you control your weights or resistance bands, not the other way around! Use good form and lift slow and controlled. Also focus on bringing the weight down slow to the starting position. You will be keeping your muscles under tension which will give you better results!

Cardio AFTER Strength Training
If you are strength training and doing cardio on the same day, do your cardio AFTER your weights. You can use all your energy (glycogen) while lifting, then after your glycogen is depleted, your body will resort to using your stored fat for energy!

MYTH: Target Weightloss
There is no such thing as 'Target Weightloss'. So many people are under the impression that you can do ab exercises to get rid of tummy flab. Sorry, but this is just not true. Training one part of the body can help to strengthen and change the shape of the muscle, but doesn't soley burn the fat away from that area. Unfortunately, you cannot choose where fat comes off the body. Fat loss is a combination of diet, exercise, and genetics.   It's said that diet contributes to about 75%, but exercise also plays a big role! You will never see those beautiful abs if there is a layer of fat over them from not eating clean foods!

Fight Cravings
If you are having a hard time with cravings, here are a few tips:

*Protein - Eating a lean protein at every meal will keep you fuller longer.
*Veggies! If you are still hungry after your meal, fill up on vegetables. Green veggies (except peas) are usually the lowest in sugar, so I suggest those.
*Complex Carbs such as black beans, brown rice, sweet potatoes, oatmeal, brown rice pasta, etc are slow digesting carbs that will keep you full longer.
*Water! Drinking A LOT of water can keep you full and ward of snacking due to dehydration. Try adding some fruits or mint to add a little flavor.
*Out of Sight, Out of Mind! If you can't see the tempting food, you won't be tempted to eat it.
*Shakeology - drinking Shakeology every day can stop cravings!

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